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CLIENT PROJECT: FIAT Open Road Challenge | coBRANDiT Social Media Video


Fun project alert! The FIAT Open Road Challenge paired the leaders of #JJ (instagram's largest photo sharing community) with the new FIAT 500L. Over the course of 5 days in September the 4 #JJ photographers road tripped from Chicago to NYC with stops along the way to meet community members and take pictures. Daily challenges involved the +/- 450k member community, and one lucky community member will win a new FIAT 500L (TBA late October).

The road trip and 5 bio/announcement videos were shot by a one-man crew equipped with a C100. See the full set of 8 videos above.

CLIENT PROJECT: FIAT Snapshots Video Series piece 1 of 10 | coBRANDiT Social Media Video Production

The first of 10 videos in the Snapshots series we are producing with FIAT USA. For the inaugural video, we met with Debbie, whose late father’s affinity for the FIAT® brand inspired her to purchase a FIAT vehicle of her own. Her father’s dog tags, displayed proudly above the dash, serve as a reminder of him to her every day. Shot on the RED camera and Canon C100 on location outside Macon, Georgia.

One of the fun aspects of this project is that we were asked to develop and produce a unique title package for the series. Check it out about 20 seconds in...we put together a set, gathered talent and photographs, and shot people passing the photos around a table with a vertical jib motion. We then integrated the live video and and the FIAT logo in After Effects.

Client Project: FIAT and JEEP at Detroit Auto Show 2013 | coBRANDiT social media video production

coBRANDiT recently traveled to the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit on behalf of FIAT and Jeep. We produced 5 videos for FIAT featuring consumer feedback on new and concept models, and 5 videos for Jeep featuring blogger brand ambassadors. Check out these 2 FIAT concepts...the Cattiva and the Tenebra...our fave Jeep vids include the Rubicon 10 year anniversary edition and the Grand Cherokee SRT (below).

Working with the RED Camera: VDL Cosmetics NYC

coBRANDiT Producer/DP Mike Quill recently directed and edited a series of pieces for South Korean cosmetics brand VDL. Shot in NYC over the course of two days, the project included studio and location work as well as a medium sized crew...and utilized the ultra-high def 4K Red Camera. Our fave piece can be viewed above...see more on VDL's media page.

Client Project: FIAT in Chicago

When the new FIAT Studio was getting ready to open in downtown Chicago, coBRANDiT took to the streets (and the subway) to get the word out and see what folks thought about the FIAT 500. This video was shot over 2 days and turned around overnight...noon delivery on day 3.

Life is Good Festival 2012 Videos | CLIENT PROJECT | coBRANDiT Social Media Video

This past weekend coBRANDiT provided a camera crew and on-site edit staff to clothing brand Life is good and the Life is good Festival 2012. Working over 2 days in partnership with a production team from their PR agency Weber Shandwick we turned around 6 tightly edited videos (3 per day), many within hours of being shot. Content featured scenes of family activities, performing artists such as Michael Franti and Dave Matthews, and publicity for the Life is good Playmakers. Playmakers are child care professionals who dedicate their lives to helping kids overcome poverty, violence and illness through the power of play...all festival proceeds went to support this philathropic activity.

Client Project: About ThriveHive with After Effects Animation

Cambridge start-up ThriveHive needed an introduction video that described their platform with a voice over and a client a bit of animated magic. We shot the piece, managed screen captures and voice over plus animated their logo and other visual elements. The result is a snappy 2 minute video that describes the marketing problems many small business owners face...and the ThriveHive solution.

Need your logo or other elements animated? If you have existing graphics files we can put the moves on them and make it all look sharp. Or we can start from scratch with animated text, clip art, and other elements. Get in touch!

CLIENT PROJECT: Video Series Responding to Questions | Liberty Mutual Insurance


Last holiday season coBRANDiT produced a set of videos for Liberty Mutual Insurance. Liberty Mutual solicited questions on fire safety from prominent bloggers and Facebook users and we filmed safety expert Tom Harned's response. Shot in one day at a local fire station and turned around quickly thereafter, this series provided Liberty Mutual with 19 pieces of highly personalized and relevant content without breaking the bank. It's a dominant strategy (sometimes referred to as the "Old Spice Strategy") that we are seeing employed more and more.

Does your brand have fans or followers who would like a chance to ask questions and get personalized responses? We'd be happy to discuss ways to make it happen...get in touch!

CLIENT PROJECT: Videos for Facebook App | Ram Truck Rodeo Sponsorship

As every social marketer knows Facebook apps are a big deal. Facebook terms dictate that all contest activity on a brand's page must be managed though a 3rd party app; as a result apps have become the way brands promote events, contests, and giveaways. And any good app includes video!

Recently coBRANDiT has worked on a number of app projects. Our fave example is the app. built by Ignite Social Media for Ram Truck. The app was in support of Ram's Sponsorship of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and included giveaways of Ram schwag and a sweepstakes. How did it work?

Ram set up a mechanical bull at a bar in Detroit and 19 contestants mounted up and rode...coBRANDiT was there to shoot the action. We cut all the contestant videos up into a series of 30 second pieces, complete with a timer and slo-mo instant replay...Facebook users were invited to guess the length of time each rider stayed on. Winners received Ram gear!

Check out these screen shots below of the app in action...and a sample of the video! You may actually LOL.

coBRANDiT Social Media Video Production | 2012

coBRANDiT produces great social media video for brands, agencies, and organizations of all sizes. Check out our new reel and learn a bit about our history and our capabilites...want to learn more? Get in touch here.


Over the past 9 months we have produced close to 100 videos for brands, agencies, and organizations large and small. Here are our faves...

Ray-Ban brought us in to shoot Two Door Cinema Club at SXSW, Coachella, and Lollapalooza. Below are the tops vids from each location.

About 40 of the vids we've done are for Chrysler Brands including work for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Truck, and Fiat. Below is a nifty timelapse we shot for Fiat in Miami, a blogger roundtable for Dodge, and a set of images from the livestreaming mission we ran for Dodge in here for more deets on that!

We also produce regular content for Microsoft's Cambridge HQ known as the NERD center...below is a piece we shot at a party they hosted for regional video game developers.

Here's something we put together for Boston's Safar Salon during National Fashion Week ( was late 2010...but we still love the piece!)

We also produced many corporate videos for companies and organizations ranging from Ocean Spray to Genzyme to Disney. Below are examples of work for Sylvania and business organization MITX.

That's it for now! We gotta get back to work...there's still 3 months left to 2011. We'd love to add your videos to our faves list so get in touch if you'd like to discuss a project.


Ray-Ban's Never Hide campaign is an ongoing global marketing effort to target young, brave and nonconformist individuals. As part of this effort Ray-Ban sponsored Irish indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club as they performed at major American music festivals: SXSW, Coachella, and Lollapalooza.
Working with partner agency NMS, coBRANDiT covered the shows, conducted interviews, and shot behind-the-scenes content with the band. Finished pieces highlighted interview segments, top hits, and acoustic performances while also integrating fan content shot on consumer devices from the crowd and side stage. The results can be seen at Ray-Ban Films or at these locations: SXSW 1, SXSW 2, SXSW 3, Coachella 1, Coachella 2, Coachella 3, Lollapalooza 1, Lollapalooza 2.


coBRANDiT has produced 40+ vids for Chrysler over the past 10 months…the work is generally of a few types:

1) Art/mood pieces:
Fiat Miami mural painting timelapse (as seen above)
Fiat Stunt Driver in San Diego

2) Walkarounds: Intros to new vehicles
Dodge SRT8 Walkaround
Chrysler 300C Walkaround with John Furtuno
Ram Truck 1500 Express

3) Blogger roundtables/CEO interviews:
Dodge's Ralph Gilles Roundtable
Chrysler 300C Roundtable

4) Event coverage:
Fiat Press Event San Diego
Jeep NEMPA Awards

5) Livestreaming:
Dodge Woodward Dreamcruise

Most of this work is done on short notice, with finished videos delivered from 1-7 days after the shoot. Our approach and experience allows us to operate quickly and with minimal oversight...that's why our clients love us! (Read our recommendations here) For more details on our work with Chrysler, please contact us.

How coBRANDiT Livestreamed the Woodward Dreamcruise for Dodge

Held every year in Detroit on the 3rd weekend of August, the Woodward Dreamcruise is an unofficial celebration of the American auto industry. Dodge reserved a key location at Woodward and 13 Mile featuring vintage cars, custom hot rods, new Mopar technology and various entertainments. coBRANDiT was retained to provide live coverage of the event for 6 hours on Saturday afternoon.

How we did it: Camera 1 continually swept Woodward Ave, zooming in on burnouts, crazy rides, and Dodge vehicles. Camera 2 roved in the Dodge display, shooting details of the vintage cars and picking up interviews conducted by staffers of official Dodge blog Red Line Dodge. We cut between cameras and managed titles and the text crawl from a laptop nearby running Livestream's pro studio.

Each camera utilized a Live pack which wirelessly fed the signal to livestream's servers. We accessed the feeds through the studio interface (pictured above) which allowed us to switch between cameras, lay in titles, and pop in logos and text crawls. We also archived both feeds and had the ability to re-broadcast previous clips and pre-produced pieces. The entire production process was managed via a wireless 4G card...not really recommended (hardwired ethernet is more secure) but it works in a pinch. Dodge embedded the live broadcast in and at the top of Red Line Dodge (see picture below).

coBRANDiT has managed numerous live broadcasts on both the livestream and ustream platforms. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss a live video project!

CLIENT WORK: Marketing, PR, & Corporate Video Production

coBRANDiT produces video for some of the biggest names in the corporate world: Genzyme, Sylvania, Partners Health Care, Disney, Ford, Verizon, Forrester Research, Microsoft, Eli Lilly, Ocean Spray. Our work provides snappy, compelling video content for press releases, media sites, social sites, HR, intranets, investor meetings and sales pitches. Check out these samples below:

Above: OSRAM Sylvania's Dr. Chips discusses LED lighting technology.

Above: Chef Ming Tsai cooks up a cranberry recipe for Mickey Mouse and the Epcot Center (Client: Ocean Spray; edit by Disney).

Above: Ford's Scott Monty introduces the casting call for Ford Focus Rally America. This piece was shot, edited, and delivered in 10 hours on location at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas.

Above: Coverage of Microsoft Cambridge's Day of Caring employee volunteer event.

Above: A qualitative research project demonstrating proof-of-concept for a global PR agency's pitch to a leading provider of wireless, cable, and broadband services.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss how coBRANDiT can help tell your stories!